2.7m NZ’ers (73% of the population) watch an average 2 hrs & 41 min of broadcast television on an average day*.

Combine this reach with the sight, sound & motion that a tv commercial offers and you can see why television advertising remains the most effective advertising medium. Television has also adapted to new technology with services like On-Demand offering viewers the opportunity to catch up on their favourite programmes & advertisers the opportunity of reaching these additional people & extending the life of their TVC.

There’s no use having lots of people looking at your ad if you have a poor tv commercial ie; it’s not effective – in other words it doesn’t invite response or is memorable. I work with a top commercial producer with vast experience who will ensure you of the highest creative and production quality for optimum results. So, whether your business is trying to raise its brand profile, increase product sales or promote an event, television advertising consistently delivers results.

*Nielsen TAM 2016 YTD,AP 5+


REACH + good creative = RESULT!